Thank you for stopping by my website. My debut novel is called The Reversible Mask and it is the first of three novels. It draws loosely on the career of a double agent, who inserted himself into the religious wars of the day and tried to moderate English and Spanish policy.

My protagonist is an English Catholic courtier, who left England in the 1560s and spied for Catholic Spain against European Protestants. His nationalism is aroused when the threat to England intensifies and because of this he becomes one of Protestant Elizabeth I’s most effective spies abroad, while on Spain’s payroll… you’ll have to get the book to find out more though!

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An Australian-American, I earned a BA in English Literature, Musicology and History at the University of Melbourne, Australia. After teaching English Literature at the Department of English for a year, I risked all, coming to the USA on a Fulbright scholarship to study piano with Claudio Arrau. My discography consists of nine commercial recordings, now in over seven hundred libraries. I was lucky to premier an unknown work by Franz Liszt on an EMI HMV (Australian Division) album, and my edition of the score for G. Schirmer is in its third edition. Concurrently, I built a financial services practice, which I sold recently to focus on writing. My published non-fiction pieces consist of articles on financial planning, arts reviews and political satire. I earned an MA (music performance) from Hunter College, New York; and a Chartered Life Underwriter degree from the American College, Pennsylvania. Member of the Historical Novel Society, New York Chapter, I started and run their published writer public reading series at the landmark Jefferson Market Library.

Commuting between my primary residence in New York City and Clinton, Connecticut, I enjoy a community rich in extended family, colleagues and friends. I live with my spouse and two charming cats. I’m a “go for it” kind of person. Since I was a child, I always sought the magic white rabbit in my activities. In the winding paths my careers took, I glimpsed the magic. At last, with the recent publication by MadeGlobal Publishing of my debut novel, The Reversible Mask, an Elizabethan Spy Novel, I reach out to touch it. The novel has already become a Book Excellent Award Finalist for 2019.


FALL ENTERTAINMENT KICKOFF: Attention lovers of historical fiction!

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ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP for the International Thriller Writers Association ThrillerFest Conference XIV, July 2019, NYC

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