June 4: My first PEN WOMEN of AMERICA annual branch lunch.

Fourteen awesomely talented artists and writers attended. From left: Christina Britton Conroy, award-winning author, actress and musician; me; Joan O’Sullivan Lengyel, researcher and illustrator of old movie theaters; Michele Bonelli, painter of large scale non-representational canvases. The tiramisu is Christina’s, not mine. To those who bought my book, thanks for the incredible vote of confidence!


My slide show projected on the wall and, see below, actor Doug Shapiro reading excerpts from the back row. Thanks to all who bought the book. Exciting first: a set to a book club! What an honor to have been invited to address this New York audience on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings! Especially as The Reversible Mask ends with the battle of the Spanish Armada. Here is actor Doug Shapiro reading excerpts from the back:

Two new terrific reviews from Netgalley critics came in:

4 out of 5 stars Joseph Firoozmand

… The plot is well written and paced. It never drags. Filled with interesting characters. I was especially drawn to Edward and his struggle to be true to himself. The period is vividly detailed with descriptions of the pageantry and religious turmoil of the times.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone interested in the Elizabethan era or who just wants really good historical drama to read.

5 out of 5 stars Laurie Kelley

There have been many “spy novels” set during the Elizabethan Period however this one feels more period-correct than most of them and avoids many modern stereotypes of that era. When I was reading this book, I felt as if I was there, connected to the characters, waiting to see what would happen next as if I were watching a close friend.

And finally, the boutique independent bookstore in Connecticut, R. J. Julia, booked me for a second appearance, this one at their flagship store in Madison, for August 13. A week I wish I could bottle! All my gratitude to colleagues, friends and supporters.