Exciting thoughtful recent review form thriller and historical fiction author Gray Basnight. Do check out his novels. Deep appreciation for such an attentive reading.

Gray Basnight’s review
Jan 23, 2020

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Meticulous research and a smart writing style combine for a story of 16th Century intrigue, espionage, and lust within the courts of European monarchs during the era of fear and bloodshed grounded in the Protestant Reformation. The foreground is a story of a spy, turned double-agent. The background is a masterfully constructed era of tumult influenced by religion, politics, social mores, shifting allegiances, and more. It sweeps the reader into a long-ago age that resonates with contemporary significance.
In Sir Edward Latham, Ms. Goldberg has created a literary character of both human and outsized heroic dimensions. While reading it, I couldn’t help fondly thinking of other personal favorites that included Natty Bumppo, Tom Jones, and Edmond Dantès.
If you like Hilary Mantel, you’ll love this historical novel by Ms. Goldberg. Indeed, I saw in the ending the hint of a possible sequel which I can only hope is in the works.

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