A Week of Visual Feasts: Art Exhibit and the Eclipse

Dear Friends and Readers,

On the way to the art exhibit, I never tire of New York City’s surprises, gobsmacked by its elegance at times.

I was thrilled to be invited to an exhibit of painters and photographers suffering from Macular Degeneration at the National Arts Club, Manhattan, NYC. There’s Life After Vision Loss, was the concept. A friend, the superb photographer Philip Perkis invited me and Christina Britton Conroy came with me. Proceeds from the sale of art will go to fund research in Macular Degeneration, which has no cure. Image courtesy of sm invitation from Cyrilla Mozendter, artist and wife of Philip Perkis.

The works at the exhibit were Pre-diagnosis and Post-diagnosis. Imagine my surprise to see Degas and Georgia O’Keefe submissions.

Six days later, the eclipse, which I watched with friends in Connecticut.

Just before:


During: Eclipse glasses over phone lens.