Dear Friends and readers, my novel just received the coveted Recommended rating from the US Review of Books!

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Recommended Reviews
Our reviewers apply a RECOMMENDED rating to outstanding books. While many reviews are positive and the books are worthy, the recommended rating is used less than 10-20% of the time. This is a very high quality book.

book review by Kat Kennedy

“As a doctrinally conservative Catholic serving a Protestant queen, Latham had almost concluded that he could not reconcile his religious faith with fidelity to the State.”

Sir Edward Latham is a conflicted man. A Catholic knighted by both Protestant Queen Elizabeth I and the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, he strides both worlds as spy and counterspy with the disdain of the conflicted. Never quite fitting into the role of knight for either sovereign, and finding himself having to hide his true religious bent when in the service of Elizabeth, perhaps it is inevitable that he becomes a spy for both factions. As his story unfolds, readers are taken on a marvelous journey of intrigue throughout a fascinating historical period.

Goldberg is a master storyteller with a penchant for detail that might in some historical fiction become tedious, but in her hands, the added details help paint a delightful and fascinating picture of the Elizabethan Era. Combining history with the thrill of the spy novel, the author creates a work that is poignant and fresh in its perspective with a page-turning plot that keeps readers eagerly awaiting the next surprise in the journey.

The duality of Goldberg’s first novel is commendable. Its blend of both the historical novel with the spy thriller makes for an interesting reading experience. Perhaps the most ingenious aspect of the novel is the author’s ability to combine both genres effectively. Lovers of history will appreciate the detail within the book as it is well-researched and steeped in historical accuracy, while those who love a great spy story will find just that within its pages. Whether a fan of one or both genres, this is one not to miss. As it is a first novel, one can only hope there is more beautifully written intrigue from this author to come.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review