Dear readers and friends in the NY area, MARK YOUR CALENDARS

EXCITING INVITATION. GROUP MUSE EVENT. Enjoy music, food and my slide show in the intimacy of a Brooklyn home. Saturday, April 27, 7-10pm

I’m thrilled to invite you to this joint evening with pianist Huizi Zhang. Let me tell you how we met. When I was selling my Steinway grand piano, Huizi e-mailed me for an appointment. Immediately I went to YouTube and there she was. Lots of videos, ravishing Bach, and a devotee of contemporary music. I hadn’t finished listening before the phone rang; she was in the area trying pianos. Could she come by? She put my piano through its paces with Schumann’s Kreisleriana and it was obvious she and the instrument were soul mates. This instrument had only been owned by professional musicians. It was relief to sell it to her and we have been friends ever since.

I went to one of her home concerts last September. I even met a specialist in historic maps! You can sign up to come though the GroupMuse site. There is a small voluntary contribution. We’d love to see you. We DO need RSVPs because we’re offering refreshments, and I will be at the downstairs door to guide guests in.

Looking forward to seeing you, regards, Loretta.