Upcoming Events at Connecticut Libraries


I am thrilled to let you know that two libraries have booked me for presentations on The Reversible Mask:
Ivoryton Library, Thursday February 27th
It is a kick-off event for members of the library announcing planning for their 150th anniversary. I will be the only author and they have persuaded me to wear period costume. Stay tuned!

Chester Library sponsoring an event at:
Chester Town Hall, Saturday, March 28th
This is open to the public and I will be the only author, but Don Hicks will read a couple of excerpts.

Past Event:

At the lovely BGQSD bookstore in Greenwich Village last Thursday, January 30th. Two HNS members, Christina Britton Conroy and Joshua Ian, joined me. We all had slide shows; for the first time, not a single tech glitch! And we all sold books.